Cub Crap Cream Ale

If we told you that Cub Crap smelled vaguely of wildflowers tasted faintly of exotic fruits you might not want to give it a try, so forget we said that. What if we said Cub Crap is smooth and refreshing with just the tiniest amount of hoppiness, does that sound better? We think it is better to just tell you to drink one for yourself, we think it might surprise you, we think you will be back for another.
Cub Crap Cream Ale has its roots in the Present Use Ales that Grampa Doc enjoyed back east before he migrated west, but it’s soul is all Montana and it’s heart is as big as the wilderness outside our brewery. Cub crap is our second oldest beer, Grampa himself tinkered with the recipe when he had an evening free of tending the brewery or making deliveries. Originally it was bottled as Doc’s Sparkling Ale.
Medium bodied and sweet with just enough bold to be Montana through and through and plenty of the character that our beers are known for. Cub Crap Cream drinks more like a lager thanks to the addition of Lager hops at just the right moment in the brewing process. We keep the alcohol down in this one making it a great session ale.
People have said a lot of things about Cub Crap We have been told that it is like cream sickle with a little kick we are not sure we could have said it better than that.