Bearly Legal Rye

Guests at the Bearly Legal Roadhouse enjoyed two styles of beer. Really Grampa Doc only brewed one style known as Bearly Legal Beer.  Guests who ordered Bearly Legal Rye Beer were actually treated to the same beer to which a shot of Snake’s Rye Whiskey had been added.  We can’t imagine that it tasted very good, but legend has it that it was very popular.




Today we brew Bearly Legal Rye in the spirit of that original brew but with a whole new recipe. We start by mixing just enough rye in the grist to make our namesake beer assertively spicy. Three different hops bring balance and citrus undertones to this complex brew without overpowering. Just a dollop or two of locally made honey adds a subtle sweetness that perfectly complements the wonderful tangy spiciness.



Don’t worry, we ain’t gone soft, in fact we don’t think you would even know we used honey if we hadn’t just told you.