Grizzly Poo Porter

Dark and Mysterious

Made from the best Sh*t

Grampa Jon always liked porters and stouts and asked young Beau to craft a porter style beer worthy of the family reputation. Then he waited impatiently for the result. Beau worked for five years to perfect the recipe hoping it would please his father. It very much did.

Dark, smooth proud and mysterious with a real sense of purpose, this robust Porter gets its start with smoked, chocolate and malts then is rousted with coffee touched with maple and kissed ever so lightly with our brewers own secret touch. Of course, we kick up the hopiness by introducing seven separate distinct hops.

Grizzly Poo is a medium- heavy bodied brew which pours a resounding mahogany color and leaves behind a lacy tan head. It is coffee to your nose, chocolate to your palette and music to your senses.

Oh sure it starts sweet but just sit a second while the rush of hops arrives. There it is.